DigitalInvest is an online platform that allows you to find an investment manager who will invest money on your behalf in order to help you achieve a specific goal over a certain investment period. For this experiment, please imagine that you invested €10,000 on the platform three years ago (i.e., on 01.01.2015). Each month, you invest an additional €100 directly from your salary. So far, you have hence invested €13,600 in total. Your goal is to accumulate a total of €27,000 over ten years (i.e., by 31.12.2024).

Summary of main parameters
The main investment parameters are as follows:

  • Initial Investment: €10,000

  • Monthly Investment: €100

  • Goal: €27,000

  • Investment Horizon: 01.01.2015 - 31.12.2024

  • Invested so far: €13,600

This study consists of two parts:

  1. You will be asked to put yourself in the position where you have invested €10,000 with an investment manager via the online platform DigitalInvest three years ago. Today, you want to check how your investment is doing. You decide to log on to the DigitalInvest platform where you will be shown an investment performance report. It is very important to you that you reach your investment goal as specified above, so please review the report in great detail. You will be asked specific questions about the report in the next part, so please make sure that you have carefully studied all available information.

  2. After 7 minutes you will automatically be redirected to a questionnaire which will ask a series of questions about the investment performance report. If you believe that you have studied the report in the appropriate amount of detail in less than 7 minutes, you can proceed to the questionnaire by clicking the “Finish Experiment” button on the next screen.

We ask you to work carefully on both parts of the study and to give spontaneous, honest answers to all questions! Please click the “Start Experiment” button below in order to start the experiment.

Thank you for your participation!

Thank you for your interest

Thank you very much for your interest in this study.

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