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VikoDiA Introduction

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and Cologne-based FinTech enterprise moneymeets will receive EU funding thanks to their successful participation in the market leaders’ contest CreateMedia.NRW. Their joint project VikoDiA – short for “Visualization Concept for Digital Investment Consulting” – aims at the development of a creative and innovative visualization and user navigation concept for an all-encompassing digital investment and financial consulting program.

About the Project

The project is of significant relevance in everyday applications since the role traditional investment consulting services play at banks is on a steady decline. Lack of trust, a limited product portfolio combined with the required commitment to a specific bank branch and time constraints are causing more and more customers, in particular members of the younger generation, to look for alternatives to traditional banking and financial consulting services. FinTech companies are addressing this need. They are in a position to provide comprehensive and transparent information on investment options and have the capability to process all financial transactions without being tied to any specific bank – using mobile tools and at a much lower cost.

Current Research & Experiments

The project is also highly relevant from the academic perspective. WHU will accompany the visualization concept development for digital investment advice with two dissertation projects. As part of this undertaking, the project is currently examining the effects of visual representation on investors' decision-making during risk profiling and investment reporting processes. These two areas are of peculiar relevance and interest as they are the main determinants of future investment performance and constitute aspects that are particularly affected by the current trend of transitioning from in-person offline to online investment advice.

If you would like to support the VikoDiA project, you can participate in one of our experiments: